US Historical Gold Coins & Numismatics

Combined with a poor economy this drives the price of gold. Before you make a decision it is important to check the latest spot price for precious metals. Most dealers use the NY spot price which can be found updated hourly here:

There are many different types of gold coins:Sell Gold Coins in Asheville

  • American Gold Eagles
  • Canadian Gold Maple Leafs
  • Chinese Gold Pandas
  • Austrian Philharmonic
  • Mexican Gold Peseo
  • British Gold Sovereign

Stella $4 Gold Piece

Exceedingly rare the $4 Gold Stella coin was first used by John A. Kasson the 1880 Stella Gold Cointhen diplomatic envoy to Austria-Hungary. These type of coins are known as “pattern coins”. They are created from a new allow called goloid which was developed by W.W. Hubbell. Known as the “Stella” for the latin word for star which is “stella”. The coin shows a five-pointed star on the reverse and was designed by Kasson to gain favor in the international coin market.

At the current time there were 3 competing gold coins used for trade that Kasson wanted to displace with the American currency. These coins were the British gold sovereign, Italian 20 lire and the 20 Pesetas of Spain. All of these were smaller than the current US $5 piece which is why the denomination of $4 was decided upon.

The Stella was part of a larger push to bring American currency to the forefront of international trade. This design was one of many that congress had to choose from including others that were in pattern coin form. The competitors in the design were the eventual 1868 $5 piece and the 1874 Bickford $10 piece.

Due to its odd size the Stella was never minted for circulation. Coins dated 1879 were only struck for review by members of Congress. In 1880 these coins were secretly made by Mint officials for sale to private collectors. In 1880 there are two designs one designed by the famous Charles E Barber and the other designed by George T Morgan which was called the Coiled hair design.


$10 Gold Liberty Head

The most common design of the $10 Eagle is the Liberty Head which was introduced in 1838. The design previous to this was the capped bust, coins which are extremely rare on the collectible market today. Additionally with the new design the weight and diameter of the coin were reduced as well as a completely new design for the obverse and the reverse. For the new coin Liberty herself now faces left with the word “LIBERTY” placed on her crown or coronet. As opposed the previous Heraldic Eagle the new eagle is more realistic appearing. For the first time the denomination has been used and the design shows “TEN D.” on the back for ten dollars.

Designed by: Christian Gobrecht$10-Gold-Eagle-Liberty

Weight: 16.718 grams

Composition: 90% Gold 10% Copper

Net Weight: .48375 oz pure gold

Diameter: 27mm

Edge: reeded

Mint Locations: Philadelphia, New Orleans & San Francisco

 $20 Gold Double Eagle

The $20 Liberty is a classic design and excellent investment for both numismatic collectors & investors. This gold coin has been circulating for more than 100 years and is known throughout the world.

About the Coin:

  • Contains .9675 oz of pure gold
  • Thickness: 2.41mm
  • Diameter: 34mm
  • Total Weight: 33.4 grams
  • Gold Purity: 90%
  • Obverse: Lady Liberty facing left circled by 13 stars.
  • Reverse: The eagle with shield on its breast & thirteen stars above.
  • Designed by James Longacre and minted from 1850-1907.
  • Coin was minted in Philadelphia, Carson City, Denver, New Orleans & San Francisco

Gold News

10-2-15: Turbulence continues with the BRIC nations along the pacific rim. China’s manufacturing numbers continue to decline along with the prosperity of its middle class. Unfortunately the declines in growth are limited to the singing dragon nation. Vietnam and India are also not faring much better and are quickly running into a deficit ceiling just as we are here in the US. The current candle stick chart shows that we could be in for another drop in precious metals prices.

gold update 10-2-15

9-29-15: Gold closed at 1147 for the weekend at the end of September 2015. Recent wordwide fears over a slow down in the Chinese economy have boosted safe haven investors who seek to ride out global currency concerns. Additional buying by the metric ton was reported last quarter by China, India & Russia which is quickly moving to be the number 2 gold holder in the world. Central Banks were also heavy on buying including Brazil & other BRIC nations.

Gold coins have captured the fascination of collectors for decades. With the recent rise in gold price (over $20 today 9-24-15) many people are rushing to sell their gold coins in Asheville while the prices are up. We recommend one of the most trusted bullion dealers in North Carolina for buying or selling your gold. This unstable economic environment causes concern for many people which drives up the gold price making an excellent time for sellers.